“A Woman with Standards. ‘Litter’-ally.” -Christianne Klaudt, Poodle Quest.

We are a family of six with a passion for the Standard Poodle.

When we  first took our Standard Poodle puppy ‘Montana’ home; we found that  there was simply no other quite like  her. This remarkable  creature  seemed to predict our  thoughts and  movements; would  never  stray from  us, learned more  quickly than any  dog we had ever  researched or  encountered, and  responded to our  every request. She learned to 'talk' at 4 months of age, we call this to 'teach', where in she uses a range of vocals (other than a 'bark') to

express love, ask for attention, food or play; or to alert us. She has the most uncanny way of watching and sensing our decisions, moods and understanding words and body language.  Our Poodles all stay within 'invisible borders', and each Standard Poodle puppy that we are privileged to whelp, raise and release to our Poodle Families have the same innate instincts to follow, heel, 'rescue' and 'search' on voice and visual command. In truth, we can't really take the credit for most of our Poodles training; they have taken all that we teach them to higher levels of awareness - all on their own.
We, with Poodle Quest, respectfully submit the following synopsis of the Standard Poodle for your consideration:

The Standard Poodle is a canine whose breed is over 2000 years old (and given their appearance  in architecture such as Emperor Augustus' palace, the Apostle Peter may have met a Poodle); who does not shed, drool or smell, who will not overeat (regardless of  how much food is laid out), will not run away - preferring always to be near to their humans, and  will stay within  'invisible borders' where there are no fences -  simply  because they are told and shown where not to stray. They  are sporting dogs that stay 'home' right beside you, will  not dash off from you like a terrier, DO run (and leap)  like a deer and  prance like a pony, and already own a personality that  excels in human family relationships.

There are under five genetic diseases that the Pure Bred Registered Standard Poodle is tested for, and each one is ruled out in our breeding Sire and Dam by extensive (and expensive) medical testing prior to breeding. Further information on the genetic diseases that Standard Poodles may carry are found on our page, “The Poodle Breed”.

Standard Poodles are extremely intelligent and sensitive to their humans, large and protective (the typical height of a Standard Poodle is 24 - 28 inches from ground to the top of the shoulder) with an average weight of 50 - 70 lbs; where males are usually on the larger and heavier end of the scale. Our Standard Poodles are not hyperactive, nor do they dash or run in the house. They are comfortable, easy company, following us where ever we allow them, and planting themselves at our sides while we work. They love to play, and yes, the 'W' word sends them to the moon - dogs were born to Walk. We believe that our breeding program contributes largely to their amazing and gentle personalties, however, training is everything, and Standard Poodles learn on an innate level. Standard Poodles are also very fond of children and more gentle than the average Labrador or Golden Retriever. By teaching them as puppies, any adult Standard Poodle we spend time with can have food or bones taken away from them, or tails tugged while they eat, yet the Poodle will not growl or snarl or bark.

So then, we ask to those on a Quest for a canine companion, how could you ask for better than this?

All of our Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot  Standard Poodles have been bred with exceptional health; our Standard Poodles are fed the highest quality diet available to dogs, the best natural  health care, and much love, attention and  training. May we refer you to our “Eat et al” page for information on feeding, toilet, et al?

As we have also shared with you in our "Poodle Prices" page, Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles offers the service of Poodle puppy care and training specifically to our new Poodle families. On-going Poodle trims and hair cuts are also available exclusively for Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles and Poodle Quest puppies (the first hair trims are complimentary).

We will often use the term, ‘adoption’ when we refer to purchasing a new puppy with Poodle Quest, because we, as well as our Puppy Families, believe that a new puppy is a new family member, respected as a canine, and adopted into our human circle.

Would you like to know more about adopting a Poodle Quest Puppy? Please view our page, "
Poodle Prices".

"The more I see of men, the better I like Poodles."  
Mme Roland, 1754-1793, slightly paraphrased.