The Poodle Quest Lion's Crest

Poodle Quest has a signature Poodle Trim! This trim, called the Poodle Quest “Lion’s Crest” sports a long, tapered rest of hair that travels from the topknot down the neck, and to half the length of the spine, ending in a tapered point. The Tail is cut long, with hair coming onto the spine in a short ‘V’ pattern. The legs are cut with fringes at the back of each leg. The back fringes of each rear leg travel up to meet each other one to 1.5 inches below the anus. Ear are defined slightly with a slight trim between the top of ear where it meets with the skull and where the topknot begins.

This signature trim, the “Lion’s Crest” is our Poodle Quest cut for our males; leaving them with a strong, masculine look that compliments their lean, muscular bodies, accentuating the rise of the shoulders. May we also recommend that you view the photo’s on the link, ‘
About Us’?

Christianne Klaudt
Poodle Quest