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POODLE QUEST Memberships and Associations:

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Poodle Club of Canada

RESOURCES (highly recommended):
Book: ‘How To Speak Dog’ by Stanley Coren
Book: ‘Calming Signals’ by Turid Ruugas
(thanks to the students of Brenham Community Centre in Texas for referring us to this great link!)

VETERINARIANS: (tried, tested and true)
Missoula, Montana, USA:
Pruyn Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Pruyn
Calgary, Alberta, Canada:
Southpointe Pet Hospital, Dr. Wendy James
Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada: Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital/Boarding Centre

YARD WORK: (dog urine killing the grass? We love cedar mulch, and we like what these people provide. Best!)

"Finer friends, there be none, than those who will love you for your dog."
- Christianne Klaudt, Poodle Quest.