We continue to provide a lifetime of support to our Poodle Quest Circle Families.
At this time, we are dedicating our time to research,
And to the support of Rescue Foundations with canine Temperament Testing and Training.
We welcome you to contact us for referrals or support at any time.

Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles have particular guarantees that we work with; one is that our Poodle  puppies are bred carefully, based on colour, bloodline and conformation, and most particularly on temperament. This provides us with Poodles that are particularly family oriented - they are innately gentle, intuitive, and are excellent companions and protectors for, and of children.  We also guarantee that Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles are bred with only Standard Poodles; we will not introduce innate disease found in the smaller breeds into our Standard Poodle bloodline, nor will we breed our Standard Poodles with any  other breed of dog. May we direct you to further detailed information on our Breeding Program in our link, “Our Poodles” fifth paragraph?

Our Standard Poodle Puppy Packages are complete with all required papers for CKC Registration and copies of all Health Testing for the Sire and Dam, along with the puppies genealogy. We also provide individual puppy Temperament Testing for each Purebred Standard Poodle Puppy (Volhard) along with specific personality traits and

spend the time to explain each report to our new Poodle Quest Families. Our Poodle Quest publication on Puppy Care, (‘ESP&B’) is also given to each family, along with Veterinary Health Care cards, birth memorabilia, baby necessities, European training harness and a new collar, CKC microchip registration and a supply of Vitamin and Probiotic Supplements. Poodle Quest provides a life-time of unlimited training and handling tips. We love our Standard Poodles and stand in support of those in our Poodle Quest Circle as their new Poodle puppy becomes integral and valued part of their own family. Any puppy/dog purchased from us, that can no longer be supported by a family, is always welcome back to ours, regardless of the Poodle’s age. It is our hope and pleasure to pass on to you the happiness and friendship that these Standard Poodles bring to real, every day living.

At Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles, we care deeply for our Standard Poodles, and for each puppy that we raise and release to our Poodle Families.

As a member of our Poodle Family Circle, we care about you, as well.

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You have our lifetime support with a Poodle Quest puppy.

‘If We All Had Tails, We Would Always Know A Liar.’
‘The Tail Tells All.’ - Christianne Klaudt, Poodle Quest.