We continue to provide a lifetime of support to our Poodle Quest Circle Families.
At this time, we are dedicating our time to research,
And to the support of Rescue Foundations with canine Temperament Testing and Training.
We welcome you to contact us for referrals or support at any time.

As Breeders of the finest in Pure Bred, Registered Standard Poodles, we offer to you our Hallmark of Integrity toward the health, temperament and purity of our treasured Standards. As Poodle Quest, we have personal 'standards' that we set in our family and our business life; doing our best to  incorporate creativity, perseverance,  new ideas, and much joy (and laughter) into just about everything  that we do. We hope to pass this 'way of being' on to every Poodle that we  have the privilege to raise. Our Foundation of Excellence is built upon breeding for Conformation, Temperament and size. Our Standards are balanced, strong, gentle and intuitive, and their temperaments are exceptional.

Poodles just love to hear you laugh! Standard poodles are an elegant dog, their natural gait is to prance lightly on their feet; run like a deer and turn like a barrel racer. There is simply no more exciting dog to watch play as simple a game as catch, or hide and seek. With Standard Poodles, you will find that any form of therapeutic or obedience training is easily accomplished.

We are fully aware that the poodle we whelp and raise for you is a reflection of your dream for him or her.

Poodle Quest will start you out with a Registered, Pure-Bred Standard Poodle puppy that is ‘toilet trained’, recognizes and responds to various hand and voice signals (see “
Poodle Puppies”), is strong, healthy and eager to learn. Bonding with your poodle puppy will come quickly and naturally; these exquisite dogs are innately committed to their human families.

Our Poodle breeding program is carefully researched. Our Sire and Dam are fully health tested and pedigrees are examined so that we may place well selected, multiple generations between the Sire and Dam, that include excellent blood lines (with desirable characteristics such as temperament, bearing, conformation) between the Sire and Dam, a practice that we have termed as‘Ancient Breeding’. Ancient Breeding, in our terms, refers to supporting and respecting the proper conformation and bearing of the ‘Sporting’ Standard Poodle of old; strong build, steady temperaments, classic conformation with great longevity. (Did you know? Standard Poodles are classified as a’Non Sporting’ breed primarily with the introduction of the Miniature Poodle to the Kennel Clubs.) We believe that this program helps to rule out inconsistent congenital (born with) as well as developmental (‘showing up’ at some point in life) defects such as: bad teeth and alignment issues, narrow chest, long (inappropriately deep) chest and stomach issues, ‘knock knees’, congenital (inherent) tumours and cancers, and decreased longevity. Precision in breeding lines to maintain the breed standard of health is a Poodle Quest requirement as an Integrity Breeder, and allows our dogs to express their Greatest Potential; strong, sturdy, highly intelligent, natural gentle temperaments and genetic strength that shows in their stature and build.

The Coat colors that our Standards produce are also influenced by the Dam and Sire’s heritage; presented by strongest expression of the grand and great grandparents genetic lineage. They are thick and luxurious, a wonderful combination to the natural ‘no shed and no smell’ hypoallergenic quality of the Poodle wool. May we recommend that you find further information with regard to specific Coat Colors on our “
Poodle Puppies” page?

Our Dam, Montana, is trained in therapy behaviour, in both a clinical setting as well as visitation. We have trained our Standards in visual and auditory signal responses, as well as in our 'Search and Rescue' technique to encourage their hunting/sporting nature that is so perfectly coupled with this ancient breed's intelligence and intuitive nature. We offer training to our Poodle families in behavioral and basic response training, as well. We could not agree more that Standards are simply the best, most empathic, and non-allergenic dog that there is. They do not smell, shed, drool; and as they are both innately sensitive to humans and highly intelligent, their responses in companionship are truly empathic in nature. Our dogs work with autistic children, elderly, kids of all ages (and yes, children can run, jump, grab snatch a ball from the Poodles mouths, or take their food away from right under the dogs nose - and the Poodles will not bite, growl, or grow agitated); they have the size and look of a powerful dog, yet the guileless eyes of absolute acceptance and adoration.

Standard Poodles are naturally sporting dogs with a retrieving nature, although they are listed as ‘non-sporting’ through the Kennel Clubs both with the introduction of the Miniature Standard Poodles, and a decline of the Sporting use of Poodles as their primary position (as it was for their ancestors). Our exceptional lineage of Standard Poodles are built for conformation championship; health, stature and bearing. However, we do not show our dogs, nor do we require it, our primary focus is on the exceptional temperament that we breed for. Greater than any showman-ship could offer, we believe, is the natural adoration that Standard Poodles have for humans, which has given them a “life-long Best Friend” status that has held over the centuries. These dogs simply love to stay at your side. We have found, as we are sure you will, that the natural tendency of your Standard Poodle shines through in an absolute love of life, joy of companionship and in play - like you have never seen before.
As to our family; we are honoured to care for your Standard Poodle puppy for the first 9 weeks of his or her life, and then pass the amazing Gift on to you. Do you need us to hold your new puppy for a longer time? No problem at all. We will set it all up before your new Best Friend is even born.

Thank you for being the family that we trust to be Best Friend to your new Poodle Quest puppy!

"...Babies cry, birds fly, people talk, and DOGS WALK. That is the way of things."
- Christianne Klaudt, Poodle Quest