We continue to provide lifetime support to our Poodle Quest Circle Families.
At this time, we are dedicating our time to research, And to the support of Rescue Foundations with canine Temperament Testing and Training.
We welcome you to contact us for referrals or support at any time.

** POODLEQUEST will often be requested to find new homes for adult Standard Poodles. They are temperament tested before we accept for a rehoming adoption, and we do not charge for this service.

Contact us if you are looking to Adopt an adult, purebred Standard Poodle!

Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles request that interested Poodle Families contact us for a price on each of our (Registered) Pure-bred Standard Poodles. We look forward to speaking with you! 

We offer specific rebates toward the cost of neuter/spay, so that our Poodle Families are able to wait, and allow the puppy proper maturity before this procedure takes place. We support medical evidence that the  puppies are  healthier if the procedure occurs after  the age of  8  months old, rather than by 8 weeks old. We know that our Poodle Families love their puppies, and care for their very best and well being. This decision that we have made creates  a  great deal of trust and connection with our  Poodle  families,  and allows us to support each Poodle  puppy  and their new Family with greater integrity.

Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles will also absorb the cost of Microchip insertion and Registry for each Poodle Puppy, and of course, Veterinary Health check, and CKC Registration and Papers, along with other items offered in our New Puppy Package (please visit “Our Guarantee” second paragraph, for a more extensive list).

We will require a ten percent deposit ($170.00) to hold in reserve a puppy for a family; refundable within two weeks to support a change  of mind (if the deposit is received up to three months prior to assumed birthdate of puppy). At this time, a New Puppy Certificate Request Form has been filled out with preferences such as color and gender. Once accepted into our Poodle Quest Family, you will be sent a Certificate, and your name is placed in a firm queue toward our upcoming litter.
Poodle Quest also offers the service of Poodle Puppy Care and training to our new Poodle families. On-going Poodle trims  and hair-cuts are available exclusively for Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard
Poodle puppies; and we welcome our Poodle Quest puppies back for their trim, pedicure and wellness check, complimentary at three to four months of age (each puppy arrives home with their first trim and pedicure). Poodle Quest Kennel is registered through the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and also available as a Kennel service to our Poodle Quest Families exclusively.

Are you interested in a Poodle Quest Puppy? We would be delighted to speak with you about it. Call us, or write to us, and we will send you our "Puppy Certificate  Request Form" that you can fill out, and send back to us.

Would you like to view our "Endless Odyssey's Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles" Contract?
Write to us, and we’ll send you a copy!

Our Standards with our Standards are of the Highest Standards.
- Christianne Klaudt, Poodle Quest.