We continue to provide a lifetime of support to our Poodle Quest Circle Families.
At this time, we are dedicating our time to research,
And to the support of Rescue Foundations with canine Temperament Testing and Training.
We welcome you to contact us for referrals or support at any time.

Our Poodle Quest Puppies are truly All - Stars. Such amazing dogs - Poodles are life-changing companions with  stellar  intelligence sparkling from remarkable golden, green or deep brown eyes. As with each litter that we are privileged to raise, we stand in awe of the discernment, empathy and the life-calming qualities that they offer to us, even as puppies.

We raise our Standards for the Journey of life right along side of us. Poodles have both refined us and brought out the finest in our lives; a phenomenon clearly recognized by those whose lives have been graced by this remarkable breed of Canine.

Before leaving our home to grace the lives of their new Poodle Quest families, each of our Poodle Quest puppies are out-door toilet trained, understand the hand signal and specific sounds for ‘Stay’,  ‘Come’, ‘eat’ , ‘sleep’, as well as recognition / response to  a specific comfort signal. Poodle Quest puppies, in our respectful opinion, truly sport the ‘Ferrari engine’ in the ‘Ferrari of  Poodles’ . They enjoy a natural, raw diet of Elk or Bison, along with organic full fat Yoghurt, goat milk, raw apple, Nuvet powdered vitamins and Fastrack Canine Microbial Supplement. (Please see “
Eat et al” for further information regarding our views on the raw diet, as well as parasite management. Further information on the value of Microbials toward the prevention of ‘Bloat or Torsion’ is found in section 13, “Diseases” on our link, ‘ Eat et al’.). Their health is exemplified by the diet of their parents and the environment that we provide for them, and live within ourselves. We are careful to keep the pedigrees of each parent numerous generations apart from each other; providing the finest in genetic health and stability for our Poodle Quest puppies (please refer to “Our Poodles”, fifth paragraph). The exceptional temperament of our Standards, conformation with strong chests and regal bearing, as well as the solid expression of their true ancestral dispositions mark these gentle, family companions and sport dogs a testament to this practice we hold with Poodle Quest.

Our current breeding program has produced puppies that are primarily Cafe, Brown and black; however, we are delighted with every coat color that we see in our litters. As our Breeding Program focuses primarily on genetic health and Temperament, each Standard Poodle Puppy represents this Breed with the highest quality and exception available. Since in 2007, each of our litters are completely sold and closed prior to whelping.

The very special puppies in our next Poodle Quest litter are available to families that have pre-registered with a "New

Puppy Certificate" from us. Please see our link, “Our Poodles”, fourth paragraph, for more information on the Poodle Quest Puppy.

Are you interested in a Poodle Quest Puppy? We would be delighted to speak with you about it. Call us, or write to us, and we will send a "Puppy Certificate Request Form". (Please see our link, "
Poodle Prices" for more information. Please call us once you are ready, and we will send you the form.)

Please note that we have a "Standard" of our own with Poodle Quest and Chocolate Merlot Standard Poodles; each photo that we feature in our web-pages are those of adopted puppies. We do not publicly display photos of our Poodle puppies that are ‘spoken for’ until after they have ‘come home’ to their New Poodle Quest Families; even then, we request permission. We believe that new Standard Poodle puppies are just that - 'new family'. As such, we send (numerous) Portrait Photo’s from birth to their time of leaving us to each Poodle Family privately. We have, however, posted an album that contains some of our Poodle Quest puppies and portraits, purely for the pleasure of the viewing. May we invite you to visit “Poodle Pictures”? In like kind, we do not display pedigree information on our Sire and Dam, we provide this individually to each of our Poodle Quest Families.

PQ Children Rule

"What great love hath the humility of a dog? Could you be greeted by anyone more ardently at the door?"
- Christianne Klaudt, Poodle Quest